Daniel Chapter Two

Below are your questions for our Bible study of Daniel chapter two.

In our study of chapter one, we discussed how shocked the Israelites were with the destruction of Jerusalem.  We saw how it caused them to realign their thinking of how they  viewed their God.  We also discussed how we can adopt and apply Daniel’s determination to not defile himself to our situation today.

Our first question actually throws us back to chapter one, see it below.

Day One


1.  What were were three things God caused to happen in chapter one that facilitated the story and demonstrates that God is sovereign?

2.  How many different terms were used to describe the “wise men”?  Cite the terms and verses.

God had granted Daniel kindness and compassion from the chief eunuch

Daniel 1:9

2020. Christian Standard Bible. Nashville, TN: Holman Bible Publishers.

Day Two


1.  Which two characters in Daniel chapter two were troubled by their futures?  Compare and contrast how each responded to his uncertain future.  Who resolved their concerns? 

2.  So when King Nebuchadnezzar was told only “the gods” could tell him what his dreams were, why did he become so violently angry?  What was it that was so infuriating to him that he was determined to destroy those who were traditionally thought to be most likely able to interpret the dreams?

Day Three

Daniel GIF

1.  Let’s look at Daniel’s praise for God for a moment.  Specifically, let’s look at verses 20, 21 and 22.  Here Daniel offers praise to God, looking at each of these verses, why might Daniel say what he says?

2.  What about Daniel chapter two gives you the idea that Daniel had godly character?

Day Four

1.  Much has been written about the king’s dream.  We can easily see that the king’s dream reflects the sovereignty of God.  This is the biggest idea we can take away from this passage of Scripture.  

But many want to focus on what kingdom is represented by the different statue parts.  Or how we can look back at the history of civilization and see this or that has happened and obviously Alexander the Great etc. etc.  

But what about the dream is still relevant to us today?

2.  How is this story similar to the story of Joseph in Genesis chapter 41?  First, how is the character of Joseph and Daniel similar in their handling of the situation?  Secondly, how does the king or pharaoh reward them?

Day Five

Can God still speak to us in dreams today?  Why or why not?  How should you go about interpreting your dreams?

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We pray this Bible study lesson on Daniel Chapter Two has been a blessing to you.

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