Genesis Chapter 16

In Genesis Chapter 16 we see Abram giving in to the impatience of his wife instead of waiting on God’s promise.  

They both suffer greatly for it, as we do today also.


Daily Bible Study Questions for Genesis Chapter 16

Day One

1.  To set the background for this chapter, develop answers to the following questions:

  • How long had Abram and Sarai been in the promised land?
  • About how old was Abram at this time?
  • Why did Sarai say she was unable to bear children?

2.  How does Sarai’s reasoning of why she couldn't bear children both make sense and also not make sense?

Genesis 16:12

Day Two

3.  Describe the anguish of Sarai, Hagar, and Abram in this chapter.  Identify the cause, proposed remedies, and results of the remedies for all three people.  Use a table similar to the one below to help you structure your answers.

The Anguish

The Cause

The Remedy

The Result




Day Three

4.  Compare the passage of Genesis 16:1-6 to the earlier passage in Genesis 15:1-6.

Specifically, compare the different approaches, proposed solutions, and results of the plans pursued by Abram and Sarai to their problem of the lack of an heir.  Use a table similar to the one below to develop your answers.

Abram in Genesis 15:1-6

Approach -

Solution -

Result -

Sarai in Genesis 16:1-6

Approach -

Solution -

Result -

Day Four

5.  How can we develop patience when waiting on God's promises?

6.  The term angel means messenger and occurs hundreds of times in the Bible.  The expression “The Angel of the Lord” occurs only once in the New Testament but over 50 times in the Old Testament.  Here in Genesis is the first occurrence in chapter 16.  The angel is a messenger directly from God.  Victor Hamilton explains in his commentary The Book of Genesis, that this angel is a "visible manifestation of Yahweh that's essentially indistinguishable from Yahweh Himself . . . more a representation of God than a representative of God."

From your analysis of the message of God from the angel, identify the:

  • promise
  • two questions
  • three commands
  • seven revelations 

Day Five

7.  How do we know that Abram was informed about what The Angel of the Lord said to Hagar; and secondly, what may have been the impact of the information?

8.  As we see Sarai do in this passage of Scripture, many times we try to solve our problems without seeking the counsel of the Lord in our lives.  Often the solutions we develop are ineffective or back fire on us.  Can you describe a time in your life (or in the life of someone you know) when seeking the counsel of the Lord provided a wonderful solution to a problem?  

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We pray this Bible Study on Genesis Chapter 16 has been a blessing to you.

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