Genesis Chapter 22

In Genesis Chapter 22 we see how Abram is a picture of God and his son is a picture of Christ and how they both foreshadow the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Daily Bible Study Questions for Genesis Chapter 22

Day One

1.  God commanded Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a burnt offering to test him (verse 1).  What do the following Scriptures teach us about the testing of God?

  • 2 Chronicles 32:31
  • Exodus 20:20
  • Deuteronomy 8:2

2. Can you share a time when you think God was testing you?  How did you respond and what did it teach you about God or about yourself?

Day Two

Genesis 22:16-18

3.  How is this record of Abraham and Isaac similar to the record in Genesis chapter 21 of Hagar and Ishmael?

4.  In Genesis chapter 22, verse 2, we find the first occurrence of the word love in the Bible.  Henry Morris notes in his commentary The Genesis Record, that it's given in the context neither of a husband and wife nor of a mother and her children, but that of the love of a father for his son.  Morris goes on to point out the first uses of the word love in the Gospels are similar in context.  

In the first three Gospels, as Jesus begins His ministry and is baptized, God's voice comes from Heaven and says "This is my beloved Son" (Matthew 3:17; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22).  In the fourth Gospel, we find perhaps the most famous Scripture of all time: 

“For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16, HCSB).

How does this review of the first uses of love in the Old and New Testaments help understand the love of God?

Day Three

5.  This chapter provides the last occurrence of God speaking to Abraham.  He speaks to Abraham through the Angel of the Lord in verses 15 to 18.  He swears by Himself and tells Abraham that because he has not withheld his only son from Him and obeyed His command, He will do four things.  

Which of the four things is a new promise to Abraham?

6.  How is the story of the proposed sacrifice of Isaac like the actual sacrifice Jesus Christ from your review of the following Scriptures?

  • Genesis 22:8 and John 1:29
  • Genesis 22:6 and John 19:17 
  • Genesis 22:1-10 and Acts 8:26-34 
  • Genesis 22:2 and John 3:16

Day Four

7.  Hebrews chapter 11 says in verses one and two that ". . . faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen.  For our ancestors won God's approval by it."

What does Hebrews 11:17-19 teach us about Abraham's perspective on being tested by God?

8.  What insight does I Samuel 15:22 teach us about this story of Abraham in Genesis chapter 22?

Day Five

9.  It is an antithetical aspect of God in the context of this story that God (who is love) commands the father (who loves the son) to sacrifice or kill the beloved son.  That Abraham would consider such a command demonstrates his complete devotion to obey the God he loved even more than his only son.  

It's remarkable how much Abraham trusted God.  He didn't doubt the character of God, he simply trusted Him. 

How can we obey God like Abraham did, especially when we don't understand why we're supposed to obey? 

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We pray this Bible Study on Genesis Chapter 22 has been a blessing to you.

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