Timothy Scott

Hi, I'm Timothy Scott and the developer of this website. I'm giving you information on this page about me - only so you can understand who's developing this website. I would rather only talk about Jesus but realize you may need to understand who I am.

My wife Evelyn and I developed the material for this site by first leading small groups and classes through this same material before we post it to this website.

We're born-again Christians and grateful to God Almighty and His son Jesus Christ for saving us and allowing us to live for Him. We've led Bible studies for many years in churches, homes and in prison ministry. We live on beautiful Amelia Island on the Atlantic coast of Florida.

For three years - 2012-2015 - I served as the Global Missions Pastor at First Baptist Church in Mandeville, Louisiana.  I graduated from Louisiana College with a Master's Degree in Pastoral Ministry in 2014 and completed a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  I'll continue to take graduate level courses so I can develop the best possible Bible studies for this website.

My Testimony

Tim ScottTim Scott

I wasn't always interested in the Bible and being the best Christian I could be.  I was raised in a good home and had wonderful parents but I wasn't as mindful of their rules and by the time I was a teenager - I was a mess.  I was seeking whatever I thought would make me happy. The problem was, I was seeking to please myself and didn't care much about anything else.

My life was going nowhere so I joined the military at age 19.  It was a great decision, but the absolute best decision of my life came 5 years later when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

My best friend invited me to attend my first Bible Study in 1980.  I can still remember the exact layout of the house we were in and the great impact the teachings had on me - I went to Bible study after Bible study and then one night it happened. 

I was sitting in a folding chair in the living room of that red-brick house on that dead end street in Lafayette, Louisiana when I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to become my Savior and Lord. My life was changed forever. 

The great thing is I know who I am now and where I'm going in this life and the next.  I'm so grateful that God has called to serve Him.  If you haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior why not do it today?

My Life After Salvation

I stayed in the military for 27 years and retired as an officer.  I then went to work for the primary contractor for America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve as their Strategic Planner.  Then, after a while, I decided to join a friend of mine in establishing an oil-field services company.

Scott FamilyJoseph, Rachel, Evelyn, and Tim Scott

Soon after that Hurricane Katrina arrived, so I decided to devote my time to worthy causes and volunteer to help people re-establish their lives after the hurricane.  I helped people for about 14 months and believe I was happier then than at any time in my entire life.  Let's call it my time as "a gentleman of leisure". 

That's just a nice name because some days it was leisure but other days it was very hard work, but I enjoyed working for myself and took great satisfaction in helping others.  I was really very happy. Eventually I went back to work.

I accepted a position with the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  I served five years in that capacity but it didn't satisfy my desire to make a difference with my life.

My Calling and Ministry

After I was born again, I served in many capacities over the years in different churches an ministries, mostly in leadership positions.  Around 2005, about the time I was starting my first Bible study website, I was trying to figure out what to do with my life.  God showed me in a very demonstrative way that He wanted me to serve Him but I couldn't figure out how except to serve in my local church - so I did and continue to do so.

From 2013 to 2015, I served as the Global Missions Pastor at the First Baptist Church in Mandeville, Louisiana.  During that time I studied and received a master's degree in Pastoral Ministry from Louisiana Christian University's Caskey School of Divinity.  I also served God in leading our church's efforts in our overseas missions planting churches in primarily Muslim nations.  But God was calling me to serve Him differently.

In the fall of 2015, God impressed upon me that He wanted me to serve Him by producing more free online Bible studies.  So now I'm devoted to that ministry.  I've since pursued further advanced theological education, and was awarded a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. 

I started this website to publish more and better Bible studies.  I'll continue this for the rest of my life in prayerful hope that only God will be glorified.

About This Website

Prior to my time as a gentleman of leisure.  I was President of the Louisiana Quality Foundation, a non-profit organization.  I had a friend who volunteered to put together a website for the organization.

Then, when I needed a website for the oil-field services company, my same friend said he could do it for us and did so.  He showed me how easy it was to do, and soon I became the webmaster of the company website.  I liked it so much I developed my own website for Bible studies I was leading in my church.

Later when I was enjoying my life as a gentleman of leisure, I decided I would eventually have to return to working life.  As I contemplated the possibilities, I thought I would try to be an "E-Bay Entrepreneur."  I invested hundreds of dollars and a lot of time but I didn't make any money.  The concept was to have my Bible study website as a ministry and another website that would generate income from E-Bay sales.

My E-Bay idea was eventually replaced with a discovery of the best system in the world to build websites.  I used it to build my first ministry website, and now use it for this website also.  I'm very happy with the results but I pray that God will receive all the glory and honor. 

I've enjoyed every minute I've spent building these websites.  It's allowed me to share our Bible studies with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. 

By the way, all Bible studies are free on this website and they will always be free.  I do allow advertisements on the website and am an amazon affiliate, but I'll never charge anyone for the Bible studies - I have received freely so freely I give.