Genesis Chapter 13

In Genesis Chapter 13, we see that Abram and his nephew Lot traveled and lived together. However, they eventually chose different paths.  This is because they viewed their lives differently because their perspectives regarding the provisions of God weren't the same.  What about you?  Is your perspective like Abram or his nephew Lot?

Daily Bible Study Questions for Genesis Chapter 13

Day One

The Name Lot

1.  Compare the promise of God from Chapter 12, verse 7 to God’s promise in Chapter 13, verses 14 to 17.  What are two aspects of the promise that are included in chapter 13 that were not revealed in chapter 12? 

2.  In Chapter 13 we learn that Lot journeyed east toward the Jordan Valley.  How is this journey not like his prior journeys we see in chapters 11, 12 and 13? 

Day Two

3.  Abram traveled from Egypt to the Negev (verse 1) and from the Negev to Bethel (verse 3).  Why did he travel to that location and what did he do when he arrived there?

4.  Why do you live where you are?  Is God a factor in your decision?  

Day Three

Genesis 13:15-16

5.  Review the first five verses.  What’s the difference between the possessions of Abram and Lot?  Why might this be the case?

6.  How can wealth or worldly possessions cause strife in a family?  How can it be resolved and what can be learned from the experience?

Day Four

7.  How does chapter 13 demonstrate Abram’s faith in God?

8.  Like Lot, we're sometimes attracted to the things we see in the world that turn out to be evil.  Sometimes we can easily see the evil of the attraction, but often not until it’s too late.  

What can we do to ensure we guard our hearts to prevent us from being tempted by the evil things in our world?

Day Five

9.  Both Abram and Lot looked out to see the land they would occupy.  Compare their perspectives or decisions about where they would live.

10.  What are some of the differences in the Abram of chapter 12 in Egypt and the Abram we see in chapter 13?

11.  Was Lot to be included as Abram’s heir?

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We pray this Bible study has blessed you.

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