Bible Study for Men

We believe a good idea for a Bible study for men would be to study some of the men in the Bible.  With over 1,700 named men in the Bible, it would take a long time to study all of them.  

Of course, the best person you could possibly study and imitate would be Jesus Christ - the most perfect man that ever has been, or ever will be.  But it can also help to study the character of some ordinary men of the Bible as well.

Conducting a Character Study

2 Corinthians 5:17

To conduct a character study of men in the Bible, you must have an idea of what to look for as you read.  The five following ideas below are offered for your consideration as you study your chosen character:

  1. What does God say about the man from the Bible?
  2. Did he obey or disobey God, why and what were the consequences?
  3. How did his wife and/or family influence his decisions?
  4. Who was hurt or helped by his decisions?
  5. What is it I can learn from studying the man that I can apply, or avoid, in my life?

“Iron sharpens iron,

and one man sharpens another.”

Proverbs 27:17 ESV

We offer you some recommendations below to help you decide which character to study.  We selected the characters from the men named in the Old and New Testaments.  We offer you 52 men to study so you could study a different man every week for a year.

The list is below which we've sorted in alphabetical order.  Some men are kings or patriarchs, others are prophets, priests, or both.  Yet others are simply men of renown because they did great things for God.  We threw in Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as an additional bonus recommendation.  

Some characters have written books that bear their name, but of course the subject of the book is always God.  But you could still learn something about the men from the books they wrote as they were inspired by God.  

Choose a Character for Your Bible Study for Men

  1. Aaron - brother of Moses and eloquent speaker
  2. Abraham - friend of God and father of all who believe
  3. Adam - the man God made
  4. Ahab - seventh king of Israel
  5. Amos - prophet to many nations
  6. Apollos - humble eloquent orator
  7. Aquilla - tent-maker always mentioned with his wife 
  8. Asa - third king of Judah
  9. Daniel - prophet favored by God and kings
  10. David - the man after God's own heart
  11. Elijah - prophet who feared no man
  12. Elisha - prophet and model leader
  13. Esau - hairy hunter who despised his birthright
  14. Ezekiel - prophet and priest who shed no tears
  15. Ezra - priest who honored Scripture
  16. Gehazi - unholy servant who served a holy man
  17. Gideon - mighty man of valor
  18. Hezekiah - king of Judah favored with added years
  19. Hosea - prophet with a sad heart
  20. Isaac - son of Abraham whose birth caused laughter
  21. Isaiah - prophet, preacher, and theologian
  22. Ishmael - outcast who became a nation
  23. Jacob - a man weak and yet also strong 
  24. Jehoiakim - king of Judah with a large ego
  25. Jeremiah - prophet of constant weeping
  26. Jeroboam - king of Israel who was struck by the Lord 
  27. Joab - general and lover of self
  28. Job - man of patience and victorious faith
  29. Joel - prophet who saw Pentecost
  30. Jonah - prophet who rebelled
  31. Jonathan - man who sought not his own glory
  32. Joseph - dreamer whose dream came true 
  33. Joshua - slave to spy, to soldier, to savior
  34. Josiah - king of Judah who sought God 
  35. Judah - man who was praised by his brothers
  36. Malachi - prophet who believed in God's love
  37. Manasseh - king of Judah who did wrong 
  38. Micah - prophet who declared the judgement of God
  39. Moses - friend of God
  40. Nehemiah - man who depended on God 
  41. Nicodemus - secret seeker of Christ
  42. Noah - preacher of righteousness and ark builder
  43. Paul - apostle to the Gentiles
  44. Peter - man who fell but rose again
  45. Philip - man who followed Jesus
  46. Rehoboam - king of Israel with a small mind
  47. Reuben - man of forfeited privileges
  48. Samson - strong man of contrasts
  49. Solomon - wise king who did stupid things
  50. Stephen - man with an angel's face
  51. Uzziah - king of Judah and proud leper
  52. Zechariah - prophet and preacher of hope and mercy

Bonus Character Choice

You could choose to study the lives of Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego - three young men who valued God more than their lives.  They were always spoken of together - a real band of brothers if there ever was one. 

Of course, there are many others you could study that aren’t on the list above.  You could study scoundrels such as Herod, Nebuchadnezzar, Lot, or Judas.

But you could also study stars such as Enoch if you like.  The important thing is to study the Bbile.

Character Study A Step By Step Process

What To Do Next?  Search the Bible!

Once you choose your character for your Bible study for men, your next step is to find every passage of Scripture where the man’s  name occurs in the Bible.  

You can do that with a concordance such as Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, by James Strong, or you can use to search.

Next, read all the passages while being careful to consider the surrounding text.  In the passages either before or after (or both), you may find references to the person by inference or the use of pronouns. 

Next Make Your Passage List

Make a list of all the passages with the man’s name.

Now Read All the Passages 

Read all the passages and be attentive to what is written both before and after the name.  This is because the Bible sometimes refers to the man without actually using his name.

As you read the passages  — make notes of the following as noted above:

  1. What does God say about the man from the Bible?
  2. Did he obey or disobey God, why and what were the consequences?
  3. How did his wife and/or family influence his decisions?
  4. Who was hurt or helped by his decisions?
  5. What is it I can learn from studying the man that I can apply, or avoid, in my life?


From all of your reading and notes, what have you learned:

  • about God?
  • about the consequences of obedience or disobedience?
  • how the actions of one man can impact of their lives and the lives of their family and communities?
  • that you can apply in your life to become a better Christian man? 

Psalm 53:2

We pray God blesses you during your Bible study for men.

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