Biblefied LLC

Biblefied LLC provides these free Bible study lessons.  They're designed for small groups and individual study in the format of daily discussion questions. 

All lessons are free and available for download.  This page provides you some information about the company.

Our Second Website

This is the company's second website, which began in the fall of 2015.  The company started it's first website about ten years before that. The founder of the company, Tim Scott and his wife Evelyn developed the first site from lessons they taught in homes, churches, and in prison ministry.  

After Tim completed divinity school, he developed a greater appreciation of how God wants him to be a teacher of God's Holy Word through these free online Bible study lessons. Tim's devoted himself to the production of further Bible study lessons to further the company's goals.

Biblefied LLC Goals

It's the first goal of the company to provide doctrinally correct and engaging Bible study lessons that bring glory to God and the Lord Jesus Christ. The company's second goal is to develop partnerships with like-minded pastors who agree with our statement of beliefs to develop other free Bible study lessons.

Our Bible Study Lessons Format

Most Bible study lessons are written in a format that suits a weekly discussion of a particular passage of the Bible, typically a single chapter of the Bible. Some lessons may be topical and will cover passages from the Bible related to the topic.  

More Information

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We look forward to what God will accomplish in your life through the study of His Holy Word.