Spiritual Warfare Bible Study

This Spiritual Warfare Bible Study is taken from Ephesians Chapter 6 - It provides a lesson on how Christians fight the evil of Satan.


Vere 10:

Finally (why this word summarize what was before in the epistle)

be strong (1st command) passive so ti's really "be made strong or be strengthened" (see 3:16) 


1- be strengthened by the Lord

2 - be strengthened by His VAST strength

We can't be strong on our own- we need the conqueror Jesus Christ the champion to strengthen us

Vere 11:

HOW are we strengthened to be strong?

we put on the full armor of God (2nd command)

WHY? Because God commands it, but what is the result?

So you can stand (be strong) against the tactics of the Devil


our battle is not against flesh and blood

Our battle is against:

1. the rulers

2. the authorities

3. the world powers of this darkness

4. the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens

BECAUSE of who you're fighting:

you must take up (put on) the full armor of God (3rd command)


1. so you might be able to first resist in the evil day

2. so that after you have prepared everything

3  you can take your stand


Stand therefore (4th command)

1. with truth like a belt (wearing)

2. with righteousness like armor on your chest (wearing)

3. with feet sandaled with readiness for the gospel of peace (wearing) (armor for peace?)

4. in every situation take the shield of faith and with it (not wearing but in your hand) (5th command) (why take it? so you can use it) 

  • you will be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the evil one

5. take the helmet of salvation (wearing) and

6. take the sword of the Spirit (not wearing but in your hand) which is God's Word (6th command)


We pray this spiritual warfare Bible study has blessed you.

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